Orange Hand Car Wash

Orange Hand Car Wash is one of the best 100% Hand Car Washes in Orange County. We also offer a full Detail Center, Window Tint Center, and Ceramic Coating Center. Family owned and operated, and in business since the 1980’s.


100% means 100% – We offer a full service hand car wash experience. There are ZERO spinning brushes or other machines that will touch your cars surfaces. We also offer “off line” washes for larger cars, trucks, vans, boats, lowered cars, and more.


We only use the best materials when it comes to your car. Three types of micro fiber towels are used to clean your car. Each colored towel is used only for specific areas of your vehicle.  We partner with the best companies – Meguiar’s, 3M, Ceramic Pro, Global Window Film, and more…


From our Wash Attendants, Detailers, Window Tint Installers, Ceramic Installers, and Sales Staff, you will receive professional service, backed with years of experience. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we are not happy unless you leave happy!


We have been in business since 1980’s and was the first 100% Hand Car Wash on Chapman Ave, in the city of Orange California. On March 2014 we became a family owned and operated business, and have made many new changes to the business. We are your one-stop shop for a full service 100% Hand Car Wash, Window Tint and…



  • Are you a 100% Hand Car Wash?

    We are a Full Service 100% Hand Car Wash. No machines will ever strike your car’s paint.

  • What time do you take the last car?

    We take the last car 30 minutes before posted closing time. You can find our closing time on Yelp, Google, and our website.

  • Do you offer car washes for larger and lowered vehicles?

    Yes, we offer off-line washes for larger vehicles, lowered cars, and cars with large rims.

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